Youth’s Flower

My piano tuning customer was a senior citizen.  I was around 40 years old.  After I had tuned her piano and  was waiting to be paid, she asked me, “How do you keep your girlish figure?”   Girlish figure?!!   A quote from the Austin Powers movie came to mind, “That’s not a woman, It’s a man, baby.” Perhaps she was thinking back to the day when she still had a girlish figure and was longing for her youth.   I answered dryly,   “I eat healthy food and exercise.”   But in my mind I was thinking, “Do you mock me, madam?  Surely you can see that I am a manly man.”

Youth, to use an often used Biblical expression, is like the flower that fades.  It is like the grass that flourishes in the morning and in the evening it is thrown into the fire.   Even more appropriate, I will compare it to a piano tuning.  When I left that house the piano tuning was in its youth, shining, vibrant, pure.  But when the first breeze of summer comes through an open window  youth’s perfection wavers.   The unisons are the first to go, then the octaves,  and eventually….. only dissonance.  Ah life is a mystery, but let me grab my check and leave.  You, my esteemed customer, have caused me some discomfiture, but I, after 23 years of pondering have come up with something of great value—an anecdote.