Services & Pricing

  • Basic Piano Tuning $125,00
  • Piano Tuning Including Pitch Raise $165.00*
  • Regulation Grand Piano $650.00
  • Regulation Vertical Piano $400.00
  • Piano Repair Work $65.00/hr
  • Piano Inspection $150.00
  • Grand Climate Control $575.00
  • Vertical Climate Control $475.00
  • Action Rebuilding-Stanwood Precision Touch Design $6500.00
  •  I am a licensed installer for the Stanwood Precision Touch Design.  Stanwood Preicsion Touch Design is an action rebuild that will totally renovate any piano action and take it to it’s highest performance level possible.  For more info see

*A ‘pitch raise’ or double tuning is required when the piano has been allowed to slip  20 cents  below A-440.  100 cents is the distance between a white and black key or half a step.  Pianos that have not been tuned for a few or several years usually need a pitch raise.