A 17 Year Old Tuning

I tuned a piano today in a warehouse down by the Chicago River near China Town. Now a home to Artisans and musicians, the building had the feel of a bygone era when Chicago was a manufacturing town.  We took the freight elevator up to the third floor and walked down a long corridor to a practice studio. The young man had a rock band. His girlfriend had spray painted one of the studio walls a la Jackson Polluck.   A Wurlitzer console piano stood like a challenge in the corner.  He said that I had tuned the piano 17 years ago in his home. I said , dude you don’t look that old. He said he remembers me from when his dad bought it and he was just a 10 year old kid.  He said that I tuned it in his home and it hadn’t been tuned since. That tuning I did 17 years ago, it was still sounding good and clean. NOT. And the pedal was broke.  It sounds good now though.   And the band played on.